Supporting Team

Qualified Chartered Accountants [Employees]
4 Qualified employee Chartered Accountants working in different areas of audit and assurance services.

Qualified Chartered Accountants [Full time Consultants]
2 Qualified Chartered Accountants working on full time basis in the specific areas i.e., Goods and Service tax and Income tax appeal and representation service works.

Semi Qualified/Trainees
31 members are undergoing mandatory practical training of 3 years, as per Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and are at different years of their training. Training in various areas like, Statutory audits under Companies Act, 2013, Tax audits under income tax provisions, GST audits under Goods and Service Tax Act, Taxation Consultancy services, Accounting, Management Consultancy services etc.

Other Staff
12 members are working on non-audit works like MIS Reporting, Out sourced accounting works and other works.

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